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pre-insulated pipes are designed for flexibility and ease of installation for heating and domestic hot & cold water applications as well as for heat pumps.

The PEX insulation supports to the overall energy saving performance of hydraulic distribution systems. Multiple layers of thermal insulation, made from cross-linked, microcellular PE-X foam with water-repellent closed cell structure, provide for durable insulation performance. The permanent elastic insulation material maximizes the thickness of the insulation layer, regardless the number of bends and curves.

The carrier pipes for the heating applications are made from cross-linked PE-Xa 95°C/6 bar SDR 11 with Oxygen Barrier, and PE-Xa 95°C/10 bar SDR 7.4 for domestic hot water. Standard PE-HD 25°C/16 bar SDR 11 is used for cold water applications.

The corrugated HDPE outer casing protects the pre-insulated pipe system thoroughly against moist and mechanical impacts

Dimension range

SINGLE carrier pipes range from 25 mm up to 125 mm, DOUBLE from 2 x 20 mm up to 2 x 63 mm, with line marking to clearly differentiate between flow and retun.
COMBI pipes are available, combining heating and sanitary circulation pipes in a single outer casing.

All AustroPEX dimensions are available in 100 m coils.

In addition to our wide array of AustroPEX pipe dimensions, we also offer a comprehensive range of dedicated couplings and accessories, giving us the capability of providing a Total System Solution to our clients.