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Fimic Srl Fimic ERA melt filter

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The ERA melt filter model is an evolution of the Fimic RAS filter that addresses the specific need to filter the material in two steps with a single machine.

With the ERA filter, some very contaminated material streams, with contaminants widely ranging from paper, metals, sand, cardboard, wood or unmelted plastics can be effectively processed, bypassing the need to install two separate melt filters and a melt pump between them, or two separate extruders.

With the ERA Melt Filter model, the customers not only avoid a higher investment but also a longer residence time of the melt in the different parts of the line which could take to degradation issues caused by prolonged friction (in case of a typical “filter 1 àmelt pump àfilter 2” configuration).

It is in fact proven that processing plastic waste at lower temperatures, lower pressure levels and shorter residence times leads to superior quality of the final product. FIMIC is specifically concentrating to reach such levels with post-consumer material streams, by keeping an eye on low operational costs, which is one of the many advantages of  FIMIC range of  products.

By placing a first screen (for example 400 micron punched type) and a second finer screen in the second filtration chamber (for example 150 micron laser type), the Customer can obtain a pre-filtration in the first scraping chamber of the ERA Filter and discharge the contamination from the first discharge valve. The same can be done with the contamination left on the second screen, by discharging it from a second  discharge valve (independent from the first one and placed at the bottom of the melt filter). Being the two discharge valves independent, the one on the second chamber works at a slower pace and will discharge much less material compared to the first one.

This new FIMIC technology allows to process heavily contaminated plastic waste streams, with only one machine and two filtration steps, by using a much cheaper filtering screen to filter out the coarser (and usually the most dangerous) impurities to then proceed to a finer filtration screen (i.e. the most expensive one).

ERA Ø500mm - filtration area 1912x2cm² ERA Ø600mm - filtration area 2776x2cm² ERA Ø700mm - Filtration area 3796x2cm²