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IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH IFE Flip-Flop Screen TRISOMAT

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Screens of this series are the optimal solution for extremely difficult materials. Where conventional screening machines become blocked or stuck, these screens provide excellent results at high feed rates, even with small mesh sizes.

The unique ”Three-phase-oscillation“ of the TRISOMAT screen:

IFE Flip-Flop screens use the unique Three-phase-oscillation. Therefore, screen crossbeams are fitted on two frames (the external and internal frames respectively) that can be moved together. Flexible screen panels fitted onto these crossbeams are tightened and loosened alternately by the frame movements. High acceleration forces prevent the screen deck from being blinded. The frame movements are generated by an eccentric drive. The special motion of both frame systems effects that three different oscillatory movements are produced on the external frame:

  • Circular movement enable a rapid material breakup already in the feed area.
  • The linear movement in the central area ensures efficient screening by providing optimal contact between material and screen mesh.
  • Elliptical movement against the direction of conveyance results in an intensive ”near-cutpoint“ screening at the discharge.