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Green Tech clima Ltd. UV Clean Light Sanitizing WAND

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The UV-C Light Sanitizing Wand provides effective protection from germs, viruses, bacteria, dust mites and mold throughout your home. Used regularly on surfaces throughout your home to disinfect, in addition to regular cleaning of bedding, floors and other surfaces, will keep your home germ safe without the risk of chemical contamination. The system features:


1              Naturally eliminate germs that are the common cause of colds, infections, asthma, and allergic reactions

2              Sterilize quickly and effectively without damaging delicate items

3              Chemical-free cleaning-odorless with no harmful residue

4              Hypoallergenic disinfection of kitchen surfaces and utensils, beds, sofas, children’s toys and more

5              Safe and easy to use-built-in timer, auto shut-off and silent operation.



Safety feature: A built-in safety switch will automatically turn the UV-C light off if the device is turned upward­protecting eyes from exposure


WARNING! Do not expose eyes or skin directly to UV-C light. Keep out of reach of children.


Guidelines for using the wand


1              Bedding/Marresses: hold wand approximately 1-2 inches from surface and gradually move the wand over the entire surface. Allow the light to stay on each area for 5-10seconds to ensure optimum exposure

2              Personal hygiene items (brushes, toothbrushes, earrings, razors): Place items on counter and expose them to the UV light for 10 seconds at 1-2 inches from the surface of each item

3              Kitchen utensils: Place on counter away from water and expose for 10 seconds at 2-3 inches away from the surface of each item.

4              Counters and bathroom fixtures: Hold wand 2-4 inches above the surface and allow UV light to expose surface for 10-20 seconds.


Other uses: Computer keyboards, telephone handsets, baby toys