South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 2017

The EE & RE Exhibition puts on display a great set of existing energy technologies and it is a starting point for the launch of innovative products. It facilitates the development of energy sector and encourages the large-scale usage of energy-saving solutions in South-East Europe. It covers all sectors of renewable energy and energy saving technologies – solar, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy, LED, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, batteries and power systems, green buildings, etc.

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Balkanika Energy PLC Small and micro biogas plants

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The main advantages of the small scale biogas plants are: -Highly simplified operation; -The technologies and equipment used are of the highest quality and reliability; -The biogas plants are equipped with the most modern systems for remote monitoring and management.
Balkanika Energy PLC. offers development and implementation of projects for small and micro biogas plants – for treatment of 1 to 20 tons per day biomass – organic waste. After the process of anaerobic “oxygen free” decomposition of biomass, the residual material – a thick liquid containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compounds (NPK) – can be used directly as a soil fertilizer or be divided by separation to dry and liquid fertilizers for easier storage and usage.