South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 2017

The EE & RE Exhibition puts on display a great set of existing energy technologies and it is a starting point for the launch of innovative products. It facilitates the development of energy sector and encourages the large-scale usage of energy-saving solutions in South-East Europe. It covers all sectors of renewable energy and energy saving technologies – solar, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy, LED, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, batteries and power systems, green buildings, etc.

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Finecon OOD Bacti +

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Bacti + The Power of Nature Designed for the treatment of wastewater in septics, sewer pits, outdoor toilets, grease traps, dry toilets, drains and canals, as well as waste water treatment plants. "Bacti+" is a safe natural process, based on the action of non-pathogenic microorganisms. Built on many years of research, and the deepest knowledge of biotechnology, bacteria, enzymes and nutrients. “Bacti+” is Characterized with a very high concentration of active ingredients.
Advantages: - A high quality product with a high concentration of active bacterial cultures - Removes malodors naturally - Prevents the accumulation of organic waste, breaking them up - Accelerates the decomposition of fats, oils, greases, proteins, starches, cellulose ... - Reduces the need for mechanical cleaning - Resolves the issue with reactivation of “out of use” septic. Specially selected bacterial cultures that after activation with water begin to multiply and consume oganic matter. In the natural environment, there are pathogenic microorganisms or enemy organisms that sometimes outnumber the beneficial ones. The difference that comes with the use "Bacti+" is remarkable, the malodors are not there, the pipes and channels do not get blocked, and you need mechanical cleaning less often. The need for using "Bacti+" comes from the fact that today's households use more and more often disinfectants which are poisonous for people, and the nature. When outdoor temperatures are too low or too high in winter and summer months, ordinary bacteria are not effective, they weaken. That is when "Bacti+" comes in, the bacteria contained are much more durable, and strong. When using the toilet irregularly (for seasonal use), such as cottage or hut, ordinary bacteria are unable to reproduce so quickly to deal with the great amount of work at once. "Bacti+" bacteria are strong, because in 500 gram, the content of one box is containing hundreds of millions of beneficial microorganisms that are quickly ready for use. “Bacti+” is a natural product, environmentally friendly, contains no chemicals, it is neutral, non-toxic and non-corrosive. For use in: Septic and waste water treatment plants. Add the required dose Bacti+ directly into the septic, if this is not possible, then flush in the nearest to it toilet. Initially use 2 measuring cups per m3. Monthly maintenance dosage: 1 measuring cup per m3. For use in: Drains (kitchen, bathroom, sinks and showers). Use 0.2L of the solution weekly. Preparation of the solution: Add one measuring cup of Bacti+ powder in 0.2L of warm water. Prior to use, allow the solution 10 minutes to become active- stir from time to time. Apply it directly into the drain and allow it the longest possible reaction time, minimum 3 hours. For use in: Dry toilets and piping. Use 5 liters of the solution once a month. Preparation of the solution: add 3 measuring cups of Bacti+ powder in 5 liters of cool water. Prior to use, allow the solution 10 minutes to become active - stir from time to time. Apply it directly to the toilet. Useful tips: - In case of poor functioning (malodor or blockage) to be applied more often until remedied. - If outside temperatures are too high, or too low, to be applied on weekly basis. - After cleaning the house or bathroom with disinfectants – Bacti+ bacteria should be applied after a certain period of time, because disinfectants are toxic to microorganisms. - It is most effective to start the dosage of Bacti+ immediately after mechanical cleaning of the Septic. The small amount of wet aerated mud at the bottom of the Septic will provide an optimal environment for the breeding of Bacti+ bacteria. - If the drain, channel or piping is completely blocked, first use a chemical solution, or mechanical cleaning, and then use Bacti+ for cleaning and prevention. - Bacti+ ensures the safe activation of domestic WWTP, for brand new ones, as well as after service, by preventing the transmission of undesirable (pathogenic) microorganisms in the use of an initial precipitate from another WWTP. - Follow the recommended dosage of the product and apply it in regular intervals. Packing: 0.5 kg Box 30 kg Bag Appearance and color: Light beige powder Safety and use: Do not breathe. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds. After use, wash hands with soap and water. The product is to be stored in a dry place at 5-35 0 C. After each use, carefully close the package. A natural product, environmentally friendly, contains no chemicals, neutral, non-toxic and non-corrosive.